Beeching's Tracks


ORIGINALLY KNOWN AS "DOWN THE LINE" This series was originally broadcast on BBC One on 26th October 2008 as "Down The Line" with 10 different programmes for each participating BBC region, all being broadcast at the same time. Each programme was produced by the BBC Region and hence each has a different style and theme. Six of the original ten episodes were retitled as 'Beeching's Tracks' and shown as a series on BBC Four in November and December 2008. The show was retitled due to a naming conflict with the BBC Radio 4 comedy show 'Down the Line' staring Rhys Thomas which would become 'Bellamy's People' when adapted for TV on BBC Two.

Episode Description



Nicholas Crane explores what happened in Norfolk when Dr Beeching closed many train lines.



Simon Calder takes a journey along the West Country's forgotten railway lines.


London & South East

Edwina Currie takes a journey along London and the South East's forgotten railway lines.


North West

Stuart Maconie takes a journey along the North West of England's forgotten railway lines.


Midlands (West Midlands)

Pete Waterman goes on a journey along the forgotten railway lines of the West Midlands.


North (Yorks & Lincs)

Adam Hart Davis takes a road trip along the ghost of the Beverley to York line.


North East

Wayne Hemingway discovers the damage caused to the North East by Dr Beeching's closures.



Joe Crowley meets the people who battled to save their local railway lines in the 1960s.


East Midlands

Pete Waterman travels the old Midland mainline through Derbyshire and the Peak District.


South West

Dick Strawbridge examines the impact of Beeching's cuts on the South West rail network.