Beer: An Insider's Guide


From Australia, hosted by Hugh Wade, the show's first season covers many aspects of beer, from appreciation and variety of the drink to crafting beer. There are also episodes on beer mania and beer culture. This show brings a closer look at the beer industry and the many different kinds of beer available. This insider's aspect gives viewers a deeper look into one of the most popular beverages in the world. With discussion on the cultural aspects of the drink, as well an episode about the relationships between beer and food (much like a wine and food debate), the show is both informative and educational.

Episode Description


Appreciating Beer

We begin the series by explaining what makes each beer style unique and what distinguishes ales from lagers; the two major beer 'families.' As the world of beer flavours grows every year, new respect for its gastronomic worth is pushing beer back onto the dinner table.


Beer Connoisseur

There are 'beer drinkers' and 'beer lovers' but make no mistake, there are also true Beer Connoisseurs. Just like their wine counterparts - beer judges are experts in all things amber.


Beer Mania

Adam and Shirley Murphy's house is a beer shrine - this middle-aged couple have collected more than 11,000 cans over 20 years. And they are not finished yet!


Beer and Food

It's a time-honoured tradition. Men assuming their places around the barbeque and overcooking everything with a beer in hand. Enter Joanne and John Meredith - two talented young chefs spearheading the fight against beer and barbeque mediocrity.


Crafting Beer

The imagery of hands-on family companies producing regional specialty wines has always struck a chord with consumers. Wine buffs are happy to pay a premium for the best boutique wines and now that attitude has spread across the gastronomic spectrum.


Beer Culture

Modern Australia was founded on a beer. When Captain Arthur Phillip first toasted 'success to the colony' on January 26, 1788, he raised a glass of porter to the Union Jack and drank it in celebration. More than 200 years on, beer is intrinsic to the Australian way of life.