Believe Nothing


Believe Nothing (2002) is a British sitcom starring Rik Mayall as Quadruple Professor Adonis Cnut, the cleverest man in England and Oxford's leading moral philosopher. Starring alongside Mayall is Michael Maloney as Brian Albumen, Cnut's faithful servant, and Emily Bruni as Dr. Hannah Awkward who becomes professor of pedantics.

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Episode Description


Get Rich Quick

Oxford professor Adonis Cnut is invited to join the Council for International Progress, a shadowy organization which controls the world. First he must convince the British public to eat GM foods, so he sends Albumen to take part in a 'get rich quick' scheme.


Prepare to Meteor Maker

When a council member announces that a meteor is due to hit Plant Earth, Cnut, Albumen and Dr. Awkward take to the skies in a hot air balloon to escape the impending disaster.


May as Well Face It, You're Addicted to Fudge

Cnut strives to convince the Prime Minister that going to war with Cuba will help to ensure his victory in the Euro referendum.


Double First

Adonis is the prime suspect when his rival, Professor Brinsley, is murdered.


The Unhappy Eater

Adonis Cnut strives to cure the Prime Minister from his bout of depression.


Just a Minute

Albumen is sick and Adonis has a new television show, however when it's cancelled, he discovers a nasty truth about Nixon and Kissinger. Is it linked to Albumen's illness?