Ben's City


Ben's City follows 30-something Ben as he juggles his job as an advisor for the incompetent Minister of Environment Mr. Ouellet, his friendship with his arrogant best friend Scott and his relationship with his girlfriend Sophie as they all careen from one bizarro adventure to another, caught in excruciatingly absurd situations.

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Episode Description


I Need Space

Ben Hardy is depressed because his girlfriend Sophie has left him. His boss, Minister Henry Wallet, is accused of taking bribes. Scott is advertising a revolutionary electronic gadget and his neighbour, Mrs. Shrink, has strange creatures in her yard.


The Cloud

Scott's ad for Dan Screwdrivers is a smashing success. A toxic cloud hovers over the city, and while Minister Wallet wants the factory to shut down, CNTV reporters want to break news of the scandal.


The Contract

During a cocktail party, Grosotto the mafioso tries to bribe Minister Wallet to build a meat factory in an illegal zone. Scott gets an offer to produce a commercial for a new generation of computers, but he has to move to the client’s head office in L.A. Ben and Scott hire bodyguards for their protection after they receive threats from Grosotto.


Scott's Return

Scott's climbing expedition in Asia takes a dramatic turn. In his absence, his boss must rely on a couple of incompetent boobs to produce a commercial, and Mrs. Shrink ends up with a media circus on her front lawn.


Hot Water

Ben and Wallet meet a native group about a safe electric dam project, but some rich Saudis offer to buy the country's entire drinking water reserve. Scott hires the famous Gary Peddle to do a commercial for a gadget called the IFound.


The Shuffle

Ben looks into a shady affair involving the prime minister and a blackmailing exotic dancer, while Sophie gets a surprise visit from a high-profile client at her salon.


The Carrier

The Airfuse company is building its biggest airplane ever, but its financial problems put the Minister of Finance in the hot seat. Ben is jealous because Sophie is having dinner with an old flame who has become a rock star.


The Ice


The Turning Point

Minister Wallet struggles after Ben reluctantly accepts a fancy new job at a major financial institution. Meanwhile, one of Scott's conquests is pregnant, and Mrs. Shrink thinks there's a ghost in her house.


The All Inclusive

Ben and Sophie head off on an all-inclusive vacation to the remote Tatarita Islands, but a tornado is headed there too. Scott gets a contract to advertise a new chain of anti-health restaurants.


The Arts

Wallet and Ben leave for Europe for a summit on the environment. Scott is hired to reboot the music industry, but he has to use local artists. Sophie plans renovations for the hair salon.


The Debris

A strange object lands in Mrs. Shrink's backyard and the whole neighbourhood is in a panic. Scott produces a banking commercial, and a famous actress insists on closing Sophie's salon all day for her visit.


The Little Bun

When Henry Wallet admits to inadvertently using public funds for personal expenses, other ministers follow suit. Sophie's refusal to sell her salon sparks ferocious competition, while Scott ponders doing a commercial for a strange car.