Ben Fogle's Year Of Adventures


Ben Fogle has battled scorching sands in the Sahara, taken on the seas to row the Atlantic and has crossed the frozen wastes of the Antarctic to reach the South Pole. Now, he's ready for his next mission as he explores the world's greatest adventures. He will take himself to towering heights and down to plunging lows as well as to extreme regions where temperatures soar and never see the light of day

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Episode Description


All Terrain

Ben Fogle takes on an urban-assault course in London and swims in the treacherous waters surrounding Alcatraz in preparation for the Anaconda adventure race in Western Australia.


Pushing Limits

Ben tries to conquer his fear of heights by scaling a giant tree in California, abseiling into a glacier in Iceland and climbing to the summit of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy.



Ben pushes his body to the limit as he prepares to take part in a gruelling 24 hour bike race through the Moab desert in the US. Will he make it to the finish line?



Ben embraces the thrill of speed when he flies in a fighter jet and races a hovercraft. But will this prepare him for a punishing two day rally through the Australian outback?


Ultimate Heights

Ben faces his fear of heights by going on a solo skydive in Western Australia and rock climbing Utah's Castleton Tower with good friend Kate Humble.