Big Girl's Blouse


The Fast Forward sketch series ran for four years, and featured some fo the strongest comic performers ever to appear on Australian TV. Comediennes Jane Turner, Gina Riley & Magda Szubanski stood out with their wonderful sketches mimicking the TV industry and other aspects of Australian Life. * * * In 1994, Jane, Gina & Magda joined together to star in, write and produce the landmark sketch comedy series, Big Girls Blouse. It was through this series that viewers were first introduced to the characters of Kath, Kim & Sharon. The rest, as 'they' say, is history.

Episode Description


Episode 1

Included: a visit with "Kath & Kim" as Kim breaks the news that she is engaged; a glimpse of a 1960s educational sex film; a look inside the editorial offices of a gossipy tabloid that is about to publish an exposé about Kylie Minogue.


Episode 2

This episode, we get introduced to Patti, who teaches all about family planning. Then Claire, Jodie and Anna get in a pickle when Claire blabs a false rumour about Kylie Minogue expecting a child. We also catch up with 3 nuns, Mother Gary Mechtilde, Sister Gary Therese and Sister Gary Johanna, who worship quite a different god - Gary Sweet to be exact.


Episode 3

A 1960s-era instructional film about party etiquette and the temptations of alcohol and cigarettes; a slumber party where girls take a magazine quiz about the royals; a sensational tabloid in which the publisher inquires about a new angle on Camilla Parker Bowles.


Episode 4

In 'Life in the 60s' (estimated title), Patti introduces us to the joys of smoking. It turns out everyone is doing it. Kim's wedding plans start to go haywire, as she finds out she cant wear baby's breath in her hairpiece, and is about to call the whole thing off. Another hectic day at Big Girls Blouse magazine. Clare decides that they need more things than just Camilla Parker Bowles, you know, Camilla Who is she?, Camilla Gorilla.....


Episode 5

The girls are busy planning sketches for their upcoming show. Jane wants to imitate John Travolta off Saturday Night Fever, but Gina and Magda hate the idea. They play a game in the dark, which turns out to be a bit of an insult to Gina and Magda. Kath and Sharon hold a surprise Wedding Shower for Kim. She is given a pair of bathroom Scales by Kath, and a potato peeler by Sharon. She is disgusted by Sharon, but not even a cruise will make her feel better.


Episode 6

Let's start with Big Girls Blouse Industries for a change. Poor Jodie's father has passed away, but Claire wont have her leave for his funeral. She is also very annoyed that the funeral cant be moved to the weekend! The episode ends with a bit of a song from the boy band!


Episode 7


Episode 8


Big Girl's Special