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Sampler Show

This week on the Big Ideas sampler show, we feature the latest IQ2 debate which asks "Should Governments Censor the Internet?". It features the Head of Public Policy for Google Asia, Ross La Jeunesse, journalist David Marr, Beijing-based columnist Kaiser Kuo and more. Plus philosopher Sam Keen on why we want to believe in some sort of God. The London School of Economics' Giles Kepel explores the many faces of political Islam. And Triple J's Craig Schuftan explains why the 80s are back.
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Sampler Show: 8 Feb 2011


Reading is Over-rated

A publisher, a critic and legendary "bibliomaniac" Rick Gekoski argue the toss about whether reading is all it's cracked up to be. It's perhaps the most dangerous idea in the entire 2011 Sydney Writers Festival program.


Extended Mix - Bits and Bytes

Science and Technology author and journalist James Gleick in lively conversation with ABC Science's Robyn Williams.
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Julia Gillard in Conversation with Anne Summers