Big Top (UK)


Comedy about a touring circus that has become dilapidated and tries to stay afloat despite having rubbish acts and clowns that are dreadful... Erasmus is a petty criminal that has been in prison and has an ongoing feud with the clown 'Geoff' and constantly tries to get rid of him, as well as trying to raise cash in any way. Boyco, the acrobat is eastern European and in love with Lizzie.

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Episode Description



The circus is sabotaged by a rival one in town, and Lizzie is determined to get revenge. A Health and Safety inspector also pays a visit. As Lizzie and her Auntie Helen start talking about her past boyfriends it helps her to realise that she likes him. But the date ends in disaster when he insults the cast and crew of her circus and suggest she leaves...



Lizzie recieves a visit from immigration and it appears that her star acrobat, Eastern European Boyco, has no work visa. Being desparate to keep Boyco, Lizzie is willing to go to any lengths to make him legitimate, but Plonky the Clown wants him banged to rights.



Milo the Skydiver is injured a replacement needs to be found quickly. Her options are limited to a suicidal man, a Chinese hypontist and a reluctant West Highland terrier. It is not looking hopeful.



Lizzie is happy after finding out that her circus has a chance to perform in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Erasmus has a plan to get her dad out of prison, to dig up some cash for the event.



The sales are at an all-time low when Geoff becomes ill. Lizzie attempts to fill in as the clown herself. The rest of the members of the circus attempt to make money by any means possible.



The police notify Lizzie that the members of the circus are prime suspects for a spout of local robberies. Lizzie suspects Erasmus and banishes him, before the criminal underworld arrive at the circus.