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Episode Description



Three Chicago professionals - Dave, Marshall & Richie - decide to follow their dream of owning a surf shop in Hawaii, but first they have to convince Marshall's wife.


The Six Stages of Marshall

His wife and friends adjust quickly to their new lives in Hawaii, but Marshall feels left out when he can't seem to leave his old one behind.


Making Up is Hard to Do

Marshall, Dave and Richie stage one of their ritualistic ""making up"" dinners after a falling out among them, only to be joined ny some unexpected guests.


Dave's Big Wave

Dave decides to take on a big wave when he can't find the courage to sign his divorce papers.


The Adventures of Ozzie and Marshall

The boys throw an Open House party in the shop.


The Old Men and the Sea (a.k.a. Him)

Jack persuades the gang to go on a fishing trip with a sea captain who's obsessed with catching a particular marlin.