Bill's Holyday


Bill's Holiday is the Cooking Channel series that joins chef Bill Granger on his travels through Australia. Bill was born in Melbourne, Australia, later moving to Sydney where he started working as a professional cook while going to art school. At only 22 years old, he opened up his first restaurant, Bills, which became highly successful. He followed up with two more Sydney restaurants, and eventually expanded with a Bills all the way in Tokyo. Bill has also written several international best seller cookbooks, selling more than 850,000 books in five languages. His television series bills food has also been a success, airing in 27 countries and being watched by more than two million viewers per episode in the UK alone. Now Bill is hitting the road, going on a pilgrimage through Australia, with an emphasis on food. Celebrating the produce, recipes, and people of his Australian heritage, Bill meets some interesting and dedicated characters along his journey. Tune in and learn about Australia's food traditions, while picking up great recipes and more on Bill's Holiday

Episode Description


East Coast

In New South Wales besucht Bill die „Bellingen Rural Show“, eine Landwirtschaftsausstellung, auf der er die frischesten Zutaten für seine Rezepte findet. Spontan nimmt er dort an einem Backwettbewerb teil. Doch das Niveau sollte hier keinesfalls unterschätzt werden: Es gelten harte Regeln und die Jury verzeiht keine Fehler. Anschließend reist Bill zum Hawkesbury River, wo er den Hummerfischern bei ihrem Job zuschau


Rugged South


Tropical North


Apple Isle


Top End


South East Pastures