Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza


Bill Bailey plays host to two teams of well-known personalities – made up of a keen famous ‘twitcher’ and another who’s really not that interested in ornithology – as they compete against one other in testing twitching tasks. Each episode, the beloved British comedian sets the famous faces six ornithological obstacles, including four distinct birding challenges, and two bonus campsite ones. These range from straight bird races (spotting as many different species in a set time) to drawing, photography and counting contests. Whoever wins the most rounds will be named top twitchers. The series takes Bill and the competing couples to some of Britain’s most beautiful and best birdwatching locations, from the tranquillity of Rutland Water to the sheer spectacle of thousands of migrating geese in the Solway Firth to the rugged beauty of the Isle of Mull.

Episode Description


Episode 1 - Solway Firth

The comedian hosts a competition between two teams made of one well-known ornithology expert and a celebrity new to the hobby, as they compete in a series of challenges, including four district birding tasks as well as two bonus campsite ones. Contestants comedian Jeff Green, DJ Alex Zane and actors Kara Tointon and Joe Swash bumble their way around the Solway Firth, frequently scaring their targets into flight.


Episode 2 - North Norfolk

Bill welcomes actress Sherrie Hewson and comedian Joe Pasquale to the show. The contestants are joined by a well-known ornithology expert as they compete in a series of challenges, including four distinct birding tasks as well as two bonus campsite ones


Episode 3 - Flamborough Head

Former Strictly Come Dancing expert Camilla Dallerup and comedian Stephen K Amos accompany Bill Bailey for a spot of birding. Which team will emerge as top twitchers?


Episode 4 - Isle of Mull

Journalist Donal MacIntyre and broadcaster Jayne Middlemiss join host Bill Bailey for a series of ornithology challenges on the Isle of Mull.


Episode 5 - Peak District

Hygiene expert and I'm a Celebrity finalist Kim Woodburn and former editor of The Sun Kelvin MacKenzie join the comedian for a series of ornithological challenges


Episode 6 - Rutland Water

Actress Trudie Goodwin and presenter Josie D'Arby join Bill Bailey at Rutland Water for a series of ornithological challenges.