Bill Oddie's Top 10


Bill Oddie presents three wildlife countdowns.

Episode Description


Frights and Delights

Can we honestly say we feel the same about all creatures great and small? Bill Oddie challenges the reputations of some of the UK's best known creatures and counts down what he considers the UK's 10 most frightful and the 10 most delightful animals in a light-hearted guide to those creatures we either love or hate. The results are not without a few surprises and comedy twists.



How much of our British wildlife is not actually British? Whether we realise it or not, a large proportion of our flora and fauna doesn't really belong here. These are Britain's aliens, introduced here from far away. Bill Oddie's mission is to count down what he considers to be the ten most welcome and the ten least welcome of these aliens. As ever, Bill's top ten results are likely to surprise or even shock.


Episode 3