Billy (1979)


Welcome to the Billy (1979) guide at TV Tome. Billy was a CBS comedy series centering on a young man's wildly incredible fantasy world. There is nothing that is too far-fetched for Billy. He dreams of dating Suzanne Somers, being a sports hero like Larry Czonka and being the network boss of Don Adams. He can be a wealthy brat one minute and a howling disc jockey the next. "That's the beauty of the show. He can fantasize about anything and the magic of television is that it can happen. The fantasy pretense is not so hard to believe because everyone fantasizes to some degree especially when things aren't going right," Steve Guttenberg said. The series was based on Tom Courteney's turn-of-the-century British play "Billy Liar," which was later turned into an American musical by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. The writing team were also involved in the series. Steve Gutenberg starred in the title role as 19-year old Billy Fisher, a mortuary employee whose Walter Mit

Episode Description



Premiere - A nineteen-year-old (Steve Guttenberg) with ""Walter Mitty"" flights of fancy finds himself constantly caught between his fantasies and the hard realities of life. Comedian Don Adams makes a special appearance in the premiere episode, in which Billy sees his career in the funeral home leading no where. So, he applies for a job as a radio announcer and anxiously awaits his interview at the radio station. Meanwhile, he's in trouble at the mortuary. Mr Shadrack learns that Billy borrowed the hearse the night before to take his girlfriend, Ginny, to a drive in movie. Billy's imagination is heightened when he envisions his family as rolling in wealth, pictures himself as a broadcasting executive, uses a machine gun on his boss and then faces a firing squad himself.


My Son the Doctor

George (James Gallery) falls off a ladder that Billy is supposed to be holding — but isn't — and spends a painful recuperation in a hospital. Trying to impress a pretty nurse, Billy dons a doctor's uniform - and is promptly assigned his father as a patient. Stephanie: Michelle O'Brien, Nurse Bayliss: Mary Betten



Billy's fantasies take him into the exciting worlds of show biz and glamour. Billy's fantasy life hits new heights when he pictures himself as a superstar guest on The Merv Griffin Show, and has a sexy encounter with a gorgeous beauty queen.


Computer Dating

Billy and Arthur fill out applications for a computer dating service. Billy (Steve Guttenberg) claims honesty is not always the best policy in computer dating and tells him he must stretch the truth a little if he wants to attract the gorgeous girls. He falsifies several applications while Arthur (Bruce Talkington) sticks to the truth.


Camping Trip

In an effort to improve their relationship, Billy and George (James Gallery) go backpacking. But, things get claustrophobic when they go camping with a father and son with whom they have nothing in common. Guest Star Lou Ferrigno appears as the Incredible Hulk. Hal: Doug Rowe, Gary: Robert Clotworthy, Gino: Freddie Castellano.



Disco romance strikes Billy and Arthur. They meet the same pretty girl at a disco but neither knows they're romancing the same girl. Guest staring Larry Csonka.


Dream Date

Billy imagines meeting the girl of his dreams (Suzanne Somers) when his date to the Mortician's Ball wins a trip (two tickets) to Hollywood.