Blood Sweat And T-shirts


Six young fashion lovers swap shopping for the factories and backstreet workshops of India to learn how the clothes they wear are manufactured.

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Episode Description


Episode 1

They start at the top, working for Shahi Enterprises in New Delhi, a multi-million pound factory that makes clothes for some of the biggest UK high street names. They learn to sew before joining the production lines where every worker has targets to meet. Supervisors patrol the lines and, at lunch, the sexes are made to sit apart. As unskilled workers they're paid around one pound fifty a day, a basic living wage in India.


Episode 2

In Part 2 they travel to West Delhi to live and work alongside the migrant tailors of a backstreet workshop, entering a world where the workers can spend up to 15 hours a day at their sewing machines, earn as little as 15p a garment and must then sleep on the factory floor next to their fellow workers and their machines


Episode 3

They join the thousands of poverty stricken migrant labourers who head deep into the Indian countryside to work on the annual cotton harvest. The six hour, third-class train journey and life in the mill prove to be the group's most physically demanding challenges yet.


Episode 4

The group embark on the most shocking leg of their journey so far in Mumbai, as they are put to work in the backstreet factories of Dharivi, the largest slum in Asia. But when they stumble across child labour they are forced to delve a little deeper and find out the extent of the problem and what is being done to prevent it