Set within a hospital. A vampire works as a doctor. A battle between good and evil as well as immortal love takes place.

Episode Description


Episode 1

We find out what prompted Park Ji Sang's, a vampire, decision to become a doctor.


Episode 2

Park Ji Sang starts a new job and immediately bumps heads with one of his subordinates, Dr. Yoo Ri Ta.


Episode 3

The fighting with his colleagues take a back seat when Ji Sang realizes someone knows all about him and his secret.


Episode 4

Ji Sang's skills are unquestioned but his bedside manner needs to improving. There seems to be a connection between the the people following Ji Sang and his mother's death.


Episode 5

Ji Sang grows worried that the effects of his medication are beginning to wane. The New Drug Development Team is brought onboard, much to the hospital staff's annoyance.


Episode 6

As the New Drug Development Team's intentions are questioned at the hospital, Ji Sang and Ri Ta attend a seminar in Jeju Island together and learn more of Ji Sang's past.


Episode 7

After learning that he isn't the only one infected with his rare disease, Ji Sang strikes a curious bond with Jae Wook.


Episode 8

Ri Ta and Ji Sang are suspicious of the New Drug Development Team's shady actions.


Episode 9

Things continue to get more suspicious as a patient almost dies and Ji Sang finds out that a former patient is dead.


Episode 10

The more Ji Sang learns about Jae Wook and the New Drug team the more dangerous things start to become.


Episode 11

Knowing who to trust might end up being Ji Sang's biggest struggle in figuring out what is really going on at the hospital.


Episode 12

All the digging didn't go unnoticed as Director Jae Wook makes it known he has no problem dealing with troublemakers.


Episode 13

Things start to become more clear for Ji Sang after there is an attack on the group researching the virus.


Episode 14

Ji Sang decides to let more people in on his secret as he now needs to come up with a plan to stop Director Jae Wook.


Episode 15

Ji Sang now knows what kind of person Director Wook is, he just needs to get the Director to admit it.


Episode 16

Everything is now in the open and both Ji Sang and Jae Wook know they are no longer on the same side.


Episode 17

Director Jae Wook makes Ji Sang and his team an offer that they just can't in good conscience say no to.


Episode 18

Ji Sang is working on finding a cure but his team will have to move fast as the patients symptoms keep getting worse.


Episode 19

Director Wook now feels like he has the go ahead to get rid of all annoyances.


Episode 20

Things have reached a breaking point where Ji Sang can no longer just let Director Wook and his people do what they want.