Blue Angels - A Year in the Life


Henninger Productions presents Blue Angels: A Year In The Life, a four part series that follows the lives of the Navy’s elite flight demonstration team, from starting as "newbies," to the end of the air show season, all shot in High Definition video. Each year as new pilots are selected, they must endure a long and arduous process of training, studying, and team building, taking pilots to their physical and mental limits. But it is all worth it the day they are "crested" and recite the Angels’ creed, knowing soon they will take off to perform the most extreme and exhilarating air performance in the world. Each episode follows the team as it prepares for its upcoming Summer 2004 season. We watch as nervous new applicants wait to hear whether they have made the team, and see the heartbreak of those who did not. We jump into the cockpit with the team as they spend the winter constantly practicing the awe-inspiring tricks that will dazzle audiences. And we follow them through show season and witness the aerobatic stunts they have worked so long and hard to perfect, ending the series as the new batch of recruits join the team.

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Episode Description


Becoming Blue

Following the new recruits of the world's premier flight demonstration team as they begin the rough-and-tumble climb to becoming fully qualified.


The Demo

The team present 'the demo', a 45-minute spectacle with a variety of formations and manoeuvres they have assembled.


On the Road

Problems involved in the planning of an air show, including bad weather and technical difficulties.


Changing of the Guard

The team perform in their final air show on home ground, despite the arrival of Hurricane Ivan.