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Comedy series originating from the bestselling Bob Servant books and the BBC Radio Scotland comedy, The Bob Servant Emails. Bob launches his political campaign with controversial results. A radio appearance leads to a home visit from the police and protests from local dog owners. Bob's campaign lies in tatters, but will he make a humbling on-air apology?

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Episode Description


Launch Day

Comedy about a Dundee man trying to fuel his ego through politics in the suburb of Broughty Ferry. Bob Servant sees the sudden death of the sitting MP, which results in a by-election, as a chance for him to receive the attention he desperately craves. A radio appearance leads to a home visit from the police and protests from dog owners, leaving Bob's campaign in tatters.


A Local Man

The by-election favourite Nick Edwards arrives in town, but Bob is determined to derail him by rallying support for his `Local Man' campaign while in pubs and enjoying a high-society dinner.


Women and God

Looking for a campaign boost, Bob courts both the religious vote and the women of Broughty Ferry in a daring twin attack. Can he find himself a girlfriend and turn around his faltering campaign? A romantic date brings unexpected danger.


The Media

Bob is determined to seize the limelight when the media descends on Broughty Ferry to cover the by-election. However, his TV interview goes badly wrong and he is forced to enlist his mother, Margo Servant, to help with some much-needed damage limitation.


The Debate

Bob is in trouble and he knows it. A by-election debate in front of a live audience is his last chance for glory - but he is running low on ideas to help him achieve the victory he is desperate to gain.


Election Day

It is election day and Broughty Ferry is buzzing, while Bob feels dangerously confident after his success in the debate. However, when he and Frank head out on a final `PR blitz', an unexpected confrontation occurs that leaves them both on the run from the police.
Episode Description


The Van

Bob and Frank start a new chapter in their lives, selling giant burgers to the Broughty Ferry public. Things go well until a woman and a councillor come between them. With Bob's business plans in disarray, how much longer will their friendship last?



Bob lands in court after a fracas with Hendo. Defending himself, with the support of Frank and a washed-up lawyer, Bob finds himself in very precarious position. Will he be able to convince the jury of his innocence?



When Frank announces that he is getting married, Bob is confident that he will make the best Best Man for a dubious Frank. But when Bob learns that Frank will also be leaving Broughty Ferry, his extreme reaction places the wedding and Frank's future in jeopardy.