Body Invaders (2012)


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Episode Description


Don't Pull it Out

In Scotland, a woman leaves for work and five minutes later ends up with her head impaled on a thirteen centimeter iron spike. In Australia, a young father goes fishing with friends. One of them accidentally shoots him with a spear a metre and half long and our hero nearly dies on a remote beach. Nowhere is safe, as a 86 year- old American pottering around his garden discovers when he falls on his garden shears. They get lodged in his eye, with the handle right beside a vital artery. This episode delves in to the strange, but true world, of unlucky encounters with deadly body invaders. It’s crammed full of useful information about what to do in these extreme situations - the most important advice is “Don’t pull it out”. Thanks to the skill of the doctors, the stories are crowned with heartwarming resolutions to the most desperate situations.


Danger Outside

The program which will make you afraid ever to step out of your front door; proof positive that the most harmless activities can prove potentially fatal. A young man goes to plough a field with a friend and ends up with a mysterious foreign object in his brain. Another is on his way to work and finds himself upside down in a field with nearly two metres of fence post in his stomach. And the simple exercise of hanging up a bird feeder turns in to a living nightmare as a woman impales herself on a one and a half metre pole with a vicious hook on the end. But rescue comes in the form of doctors who perform medical miracles and make giant leaps of faith to remove these objects from their patients.


Unwanted Guests

One minute, a young American couple are out on a romantic drive in the woods. The next minute, the wife has a Christmas tree coming out of her neck. A boy out fishing is, literally, taken hook line and sinker and nearly chokes to death on a cruel barb. Perhaps, most extraordinary of all is the story of a man who nearly dies after being pumped full of enough air to blow up a thousand party balloons. In each story, the courage and resourcefulness of friends and medics save lives and doctors perform feats of derring- do to locate and expel these unwelcome, lethal guests.


Lethal Pursuits

To dare is to do: sporting heroes and heroines whose encounters with body invaders lead to near fatal experiences. Diminutive, professional cyclist Azizul Awang, aka “the Pocket Rocket”, is on track to compete in the 2012 Olympics when he hits the deck at 70 kilometres per hour. A fifteen centimeter shard of Siberian pine enters his leg. He, his doctors and trainer are gripped in a desperate battle to save his cycling career. A young man goes for a relaxing after work surf in Auckland, New Zealand and ends up with thirty centimetres of fibre glass surf board embedded in his skull. Will doctors be able to save his life, or even his looks? Ben Czizlowski plays for the famous Australian rugby league club of the Wynnum Manly Seagulls One Saturday he has a clash with another player Within days he is suffering horrible mental and physical torment. It turns out that he has a human tooth festering away in his head. Former international skier, Gunter Stiessen, takes part in a friendly slalom race in his home town in Austria. To his horror he becomes the focus of dramatic rescue operation which leaves him fighting for his life on a freezing mountain. Who said exercise was good for you?


The Enemy Within

Five people with unexplained objects inside them, A man discovers a wound after mowing his lawn - a piece of wire has entered his heart, a three-year-old has swallowed three refrigerator magnets leaving her with eight holes in her stomach, a 64-year-old woman discover she has a bug in her ear and a pencil in her brain and a carpenter gets a splinter in his eye.


Great and Small

A car accident leaves an ex-Marine with a pole penetrating his mouth and neck, a man accidentally eats a sewing needle with his dinner, a 75-year-old man goes to the hospital with a hearing problem to find out he has a nail in his face, probably, since he was a child and a truck driver ends up trapped in his vehicle with a pole through his chest.